Saturday, October 4, 2008

MIGRANTE-B.C. Solidarity message for the Launching of IMA-Canada

MIGRANTE-B.C. sends its warm greetings of support and solidarity to all the organizers and attendees of the launching of International Migrants Alliance (IMA)-Canada.

Migrante-B.C. is a mass-based organization of Filipino migrants and their families that asserts that Filipino migrants deserve the greatest promotion and protection of their rights wherever they are.

An estimated number of 10,000 Filipinos come to join the ranks of the 328,000 Filipinos who have settled in Canada. We see this number increasing after the Canadian government signed an agreement with the Philippine Government to open its doors to temporary foreign workers. While these temporary foreign workers fill up the shortage of skilled labour in Canada, they are also vulnerable to exploitation, as is evidenced from their oppressive working conditions, with the present Live-in Caregivers Program as a good example.

It is imperative that all migrants and refugee organizations unite and rely on their own abilities to educate, organize and mobilize the broadest number of migrants and refugees for the advancement of their rights and welfare. Only through a strong alliance under IMA-Canada can this struggle be forged and fought.

MIGRANTE-B.C. stands united with you in ensuring that the human rights and welfare of migrant workers, refugees and their families are protected.

MIGRANTE-B.C. looks forward to strengthening links with the IMA-Canada as we advance the struggle of migrant workers in Canada.


109-4155 Central Boulevard
Burnaby, B.C. V5H 4X2

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